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Support Brick Cove

Writing a letter in support of the project would go a long way with the trustees. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to provide your support for the project. Below is a boilerplate language we drafted for you to edit as you see fit.

Sample Letter

[I have been a community member at Brick Cove f for XX years and am contacting you today regarding the application. Over the years, I witnessed the deterioration and erosion of the peninsula. This beautiful part of Southold and The Peconic Bay has become an eyesore. In addition, the lack of navigability of the channel poses a significant danger to me and my boat. Frequently, I see boats getting stuck entering/exiting the mouth of the channel, no matter the tide. Personally, on my sailboat, I can only navigate the channel within an hour or so of high tide. The proposed dredging and other thoughtful improvements are much needed and will be appreciated by the entire Brick Community!]

[I enjoy walking out on the peninsula where the osprey nest is, but over the years, it has become increasingly dangerous - I can't even walk side-by-side with my spouse.]

[It is also commendable that this project is proposing to go to great lengths to enhance the estuary's ecology by creating intertidal wetlands and using eco-friendly materials.]

[I'm a year-round North Fork resident and take great pride in my choice to keep my boat at Brick Cove and support the local business and year-round jobs they provide. The proposed improvements stand to benefit the greater Southold community, in addition to promoting environmentally conscious initiatives.]

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