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Yoga & Sound Bath

Every Sunday 70 minute Yoga and Sound Bath, 40 minutes Hatha/ Vinyassa style yoga with a 30 minute sound bath 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Special 70 min yoga and sound bath offering at Brick Cove this summer! 10:15am every Sunday starting June 4th. Join Lucy and Mridu for a 40 min hatha/ vinyasa yoga flow a followed by 30 min sound bath. 

Meet Lucy Nystrom

Lucy started her yoga journey in 2014 and it had a tremendous impact on her life. It's her spirituality, her meditation, her therapy, her safe place and so much more. She immediately knew that one day she wanted to teach so she could share with others what yoga has given her.  She now has her 200h RYT certificate and is honored to share her practice with others. Yoga is a beautiful thing like no other because everyone can practice, everyone's practice is unique and holds a different meaning. 


Meet Mridu Singhal

Mridu is from Indian lineage and sound medicine has been part of her life attending kirtans and hearing mantras since being in the womb. Her mother and grandmother initiated her into the medicine of mantra, sound, and ceremony from as far back as she can remember, always holding sacred space with an altar. She weaves this ancient tradition and rituals with sound healing, reiki, and chakra into her healing practice.

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