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Picnic Baskets

At Brick Cove, we make it easy for you to enjoy a lovely picnic with family and friends. Choose from a selection of French, Italian, and Spanish picnic baskets complete with all you need to have a wonderful day out. Our baskets are designed to feed 4 to 8 people, and all you need to do is order 24 hours in advance for an easy pick up. Let Brick Cove make your next picnic one to remember.

  • Fromage dáfinois*Comte dávergne*Bleu d ́avergne w/Pate and cornichons

    From 95 US dollars
  • Taleggio*Pepato*Gorganzola dulce w/Olli Napoli Salami & Olives

    From 95 US dollars
  • Rosemary Manchego*Cana de Cabra*Drunken Goat w/Chirizo & Marcona Almon...

    From 95 US dollars
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